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Sendvaris pro-gymnasium

Sendvaris pro-gymnasium is located in the centre of Klaipėda, the third largest city and the only sea port of Lithuania.

The school was established in 1962 and became The secondary school No 10. At that time there were 1267 pupils and 37 teachers. They worked two shifts. In 1998 the school was renamed Sendvaris according the title of the oldest estate in this territory.

The 50th anniversary of Sendvaris school we met in a renovated building with 336 pupils (age 7-16) and 39 teachers staff. Today it is modern, continually learning organization open for positive changes and innovations. Educational process is directed to development of pupils’ personal competences and capability of using them in real life.

Recent years the school serves as a cultural centre of the local community. It is the primary internship site for the pedagogy students of both Klaipėda University and Klaipėda State College. They come to study our experience in education based on ethnic and cultural traditions. We have folk and modern dance groups, ethnographical group “Pupos” and a choir. Representatives of our school often take part in Lithuanian song and dance festivals, folklore events. In 2009 an expert dance teacher Diana Mockuvienė got an award “The best teacher of the year” in Klaipėda.

The school is surrounded by old park with a pond. Pupils take care of this territory by cleaning it, planting trees and flowers, investigate water and soil pollution, examine local flora and fauna. Sendvaris school participated in the international environmental projects: “Green circle schools” (together with schools from Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Russia and Latvia, 2003-2006), “P- STOP”- against using phosphorus in nature (Sweden, Poland, Finland, Russia, Latvia, 2010), “The Baltic sea research” (with Klaipėda University, 2012-2013). In 2007 our young scientists of chemistry prepared reports to an international event “Science on stage” in France.

Every year we take part in various republican and international educational programs and initiatives, such as: “Encourage the future”, “School of kindness”, “Kangaroo” of math, science, history and languages, translation project “Your sight”, “Career education and development”. Pupils can choose participation in after school clubs and circles: young guides, historians, journalists (school newspaper “Sendvariukas”), drama group “Šypsenelė”, ICT, art, recitation, design, playing the guitar, sports. Our school teams have significant results and victories in “Mayor’s cup” sports and games, competition “Courageous, strong an agile”, Pupils Olympic festival of Lithuania.

Strong and professional team of teachers create healthy, safe and comfortable environment. Our school is certificated school of OLWEUS. This program prevents bullying and violence among pupils. Primary school forms take part in an international social project “The second step”. It teaches children to understand their feelings, helps to solve conflicts and reduce aggressive behaviour.

The staff of Sendvaris pro-gymnasium believes that in cooperation with parents we can educate independent, creative, open to changes citizens, as well as smart, honest and initiative individuals, prepared to their later studies.

Our 6th–formers speak about their school:

  • “I really like my school. It’s great! I like going to school and all what we learn here.” (Gabija Akavickaitė 6a)
  • “I like our new building. Now our school is beautiful. My favourite subject is history. We study history of our school, because it is 50 years old.” (Mindaugas Duoblys 6a)
  • “Sendvaris is a nice place to study. The teachers are wonderful. Lots of “thanks” to our teachers, who organize excursions abroad.” (Karolina Golovan 6a)
  • “Our sports teacher is very good. I like all competitions. We are the best square players.” (Gintarė Griciūtė 6a)
  • “I love my school. Good teachers work here. They organize extra curricular activities and we have a lot of fun. Our life is interesting and exciting. I wouldn’t like to change my school.” (Karina Jasadavičiūtė 6a)
  • “My school is beautiful and cosy. I respect my school.” (Dominykas Rimkus 6a)
  • “My school is very friendly. I am very proud, because I go to this school. My school is the best and all our teachers are the best.” (Evaldas Šiliauskis 6a)
  • “My school is the best, because we have the best teachers and nice uniforms.” (Mantas Vaičikauskas 6a)
  • “Sendvaris is the best for me, because I feel free here.” (Faustas Žalys 6a)
  • “I love my school. Teachers are nice and very good. They give me so much information.” (Karolina Čapskytė 6b)
  • “I study here for six years and like my school very much.” (Viktorija Krivickaitė 6b)
  •  “My school is very beautiful and modern. There are a lot of friendly kids. Many plants and flowers make our school cosy.” (Ieva Plukaitė 6b)
  • “Pleasant teachers and good school festivals.” ( Gabrielė Roldugina 6b)
  • “Our teachers are creative and interesting. Playing the guitar is new this year and I like it very much.” (Julija Slušnytė 6b)
  • “Our school is colourful, nice and neat. Everyone is happy here.” (Monika Šimkutė 6b)

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